Créer ses jardins de peintres
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12 Avril 2017
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Créer ses jardins de peintres

Philippe Collignon, paysagiste et célèbre animateur de la rubrique « Jardin et Bricolage » dans l’émission Télématin sur France 2, vous propose une promenade à travers une vingtaine de toiles de maîtres (Monet, Renoir, Charlemont, Liebermann…) pour découvrir les mille et un visages des jardins. En plus de ses observations et conseils pratiques, il vous dévoile ses astuces pour cultiver vivaces, bulbeuses, arbustes… ou encore réaliser un massif fleuri, entretenir une bordure printanière, semer son gazon, créer une prairie fleurie ou une allée principale colorée… Avec lui, vous ferez de votre jardin un chef-d’oeuvre !

Create Your Own Painter's Garden

TV producer, journalist and presenter, Philippe Collignon is currently the face of the Jardin et Bricolage column of the morning news in France. Trained as a landscape artist, he has taught in agricultural and horticultural schools. He has authored several books on gardens.

Nature has always been a strong source of inspiration for artists. The impressionists, for example, have left behind magnificent paintings of gardens. There are many books which compile such paintings but, up till now, there existed no guide on how to recreate them. For the very first time, Philippe Collignon analyses the compositions of gardens painted by artists such as Manet, Monet and Pissarro, and gives us all the tips we need to recreate them at home, adding in passing some tasteful contemporary touches. The author scrutinizes up to forty paintings: as his attention is drawn to a painted flower, plant or tree-lined alley, he gives us practical, easy and inexpensive solutions to recreate the wanted effect. This book with help you create a garden worthy of an impressionist painting!
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