Le petit livre du Far West
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18 Janvier 2017
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105 x 157 mm
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Relié mousse
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Le petit livre du Far West

D’où Billy the Kid tient-il son surnom ? Qui sont les premiers trappeurs de Californie ? Pourquoi les Indiens fument-ils le calumet de la paix ? Qui a surnommé William Cody «  Buffalo Bill » ? Que signifi e en langue indienne « Mississippi » ? Quelles sont les fonctions
du shérif ? D’où viennent les mustangs ? Que symbolisent les plumes des coiffures indiennes  ? Qui était Crazy Horse ? Comment fabrique-t-on un tipi ? Que symbolise le scalp ? Quelle est la fonction du rodéo ? Qu’est-ce qu’un totem ?… Ce petit livre richement illustré
de chromos donne toutes les clés pour comprendre le Far West.

The Little Book of Wild West

A little illustrated book on the Wild West and its universe

Christine Barrely has travelled the world and has spent much time in the United States, in New York, California, and in the West. She is the author of forty cultural and travel guides and has notably written several Michelin and Gallimard guides on California, the American West and the great parks. She is also greatly interested in the autochthonous populations of North America. She has signed beautiful works with Hachette Tourisme and E/P/A, as well as cultural articles in regional magazines.

Where did Billy the Kid inherit his nickname from? Who were the first California trappers? How should one smoke the Peace Pipe? Where do mustangs come from? What is the significance of the feathers on Indian headdresses? Who was Crazy Horse? How does one build a teepee? What is the rodeo's function? What is a totem  ?... Richly illustrated with vintage chromos, this little pocket book gives all the keys to understanding the Wild West.
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