Claire Heitzler pâtissière

Carole-Anne Boisseau

Des Racines & des Ailes : Le Mont Saint Michel

Patrick de Carolis/ Louis Laforge/ Thierry Seni


Christine Barrely

Collection La France vue de la mer

Philip Plisson

Trash Cancan. La véritable histoire des rois et des reines de France

Caroline Guillot

Espace foreign rights


Editions du Chêne, founded in 1941, specializes in high-quality illustrated books. From the beginning our editorial policy has been based on three main values: originality, eclecticism and openness. The unique mixture of text and illustration in our books is made possible by our work with enthusiastic, qualified authors and talented, dedicated photographers. Editions du Chêne's books are characterized by their creativity in both form and content. The key to this lies in the novelty of subject matter, the quality of design and production and the wide range of prices available.

From lifestyle to travel, cooking and wine to art, history to nature, we continue to build our catalogue, day after day, with the same enthusiasm and high standards.

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